The Top 10 Artifacts
in the Museum

  • Number 1 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - original square hockey puck

    1. Original square hockey puck (1886)

    A true centerpiece of the museum’s display is the collection of late 19th century and early 20th century Kingston and Queen's University hockey memorabilia featuring a puck used in the very first game recorded in Ontario in 1886!  This is the earliest puck known to exist and it actually consisted of what was originally a lacrosse ball cut into a square-shaped puck.  This antique 19th century puck is mounted on a trophy with a plaque.

  • Number 2 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - original historic hockey stick circa 1888

    2. Original historic hockey stick (1888)

    The oldest rivalry in hockey belongs to two great Kingston institutions; Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC).  Their rivalry dates back to 1886 when they met for the first time on the Kingston harbour, chasing a square puck.  Every February the Original Hockey Hall of Fame presents a re-enactment of the first game played in Kingston using the original rules from that era.  The annual Historic Hockey Series is part of Kingston’s Feb Fest celebrations.  Featured at the Original Hockey Hall of Fame is a stick used in one of the first annual hockey games in Ontario between Queen’s and RMC in 1888.

  • Number 3 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - hockey's oldest jersey 1894 Queen's University

    3. Hockey’s oldest jersey.  1894 Guy Curtis Queen's University.

    Guy Curtis is attributed with being influential in developing both football and hockey in Canada, as well as introducing hockey to the United States, as Queen's University was known for its exhibition matches in American cities during his time with the club. He is so highly thought of at Queen's that his name appears in a verse of the school chant.  The wool sweater is in the classic barber pole style of the early days of hockey, executed in the Queen's University colors of blue, red and gold, with time having taken its toll on the original shade of blue in particular, as it now appears more olive green due to wearing away of the pigment in the blue.

  • Number 4 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - Canada's first Olympic gold medal 1924

    4.  Canada’s First Olympic gold medal, 1924.

    Jack A. Cameron’s 1924 Olympic Gold Medal
    Unrivalled, the Toronto Granites hockey team from Canada crushed its opposition at the original Winter Olympics with combined total goals of 110-3, making it the single medal Canada earned in the 1924 Olympic Winter Games.  In a Toronto Star article which was posted on February 4, 1924, W.A Hewitt wrote that “the Canadians had the science, skill and team work and was a much superior team even more than the score indicates.”  This is the actual 1924 Olympic gold medal awarded to Jack A. Cameron.  The Toronto Granites goalie allowed one goal in three games while representing Canada at the inaugural Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France.

  • Number 5 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - Wayne Gretzky's rookie jersey Edmonton Oilers

    5. Gretzky’s rookie jersey Edmonton Oilers WHA 1978-79

    Wayne Gretzky 1978-79 WHA Edmonton Oilers Jersey
    In the 1978-79 season, which turned out to be the seventh and final season of the World Hockey Association (WHA), Wayne Gretzky was relocated by the Indianapolis Racers to the Edmonton Oilers.  This move provided a major constituent in assembling one of the greatest teams in all of NHL history.

  • Number 6 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - Original Calder trophy for rook of the year Sly Apps 1936-37

    6. Original Calder Trophy for rookie of the year won by Syl Apps, 1936-37.

    1936-37 Frank Calder Trophy Presented to Syl Apps
    This trophy was named after Frank Calder, the National Hockey League’s first President during 1917-1943.  Mr. Calder was an influential driving force steering hockey into the majority of America’s main cities, while helping the formation of the American League.  In his first year with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Syl Apps was the first Leaf ever to win the Calder Trophy, with his career continuing to thrive.  This incredible trophy is on loan to the Hall of Fame from the family of Kingston great Syl Apps.  This is the original Calder Trophy that was awarded to Apps as the NHL’s rookie-of-the-year in 1937.

  • Number 7 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - Maurice Rocket Richard number 9 Montreal Canadiens jersey

    7. Maurice “Rocket” Richard Montreal Number “9” Montreal jersey

    Circa 1960 Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens Number “9” Wool Sweater
    Determined by ambition, his fiery glare disturbed opposing goaltenders, the Montreal Canadiens superstar set multiple records as he battled through everybody that stood amid him and the net.  The Hall of Fame's customary three-year waiting period was waived in 1961, inaugurating without delay Maurice “Rocket” Richard into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Just like many Canadiens jerseys we have seen from that era, it still has the original dry clean tag in the hem.  This vintage red wool sweater with a tackle twill crest on the front and number 9 on the back and both sleeves is in amazing, like-new condition.  This fantastic relic has been part of the Hall’s collection for many years and was originally attributed to Maurice Richard.

  • Number 8 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - Gordie Howe Number 9 Detroit Red Wings Jersey

    8. Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings #9 jersey

    He was known for the “Gordie Howe hat trick”; a goal, an assist and a fight.  A tough-minded competitor, his impact on hockey was majestic.  “Mr. Hockey” is viewed as one of the best all around hockey players of all time.  The Hall’s Fabulous Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings #9 game-worn jersey is one of the most beautiful examples of its kind known to exist and an obvious highlight of the collection.

  • 9.  Autographed Vladislav Tretiak goalie stick, 1972 Summit Series - Canada vs. Russia

    1972 Series CCCP Hockey Team-Autographed Vladislav Tretiak Hockey Stick
    Vladislav Tretiak emerged apparently from nowhere to rob and aggravate Canadian players who peppered him unremittingly.  Tretiak is the sole Soviet player from the pre-glasnost period to be inaugurated into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  This Vintage red Titan hockey stick is attributed to Tretiak from the 1972 series and is autographed by the entire Russian hockey team.

  • Number 10 artifact in the Original Hockey Hall of Fame collection - 1948 RCAF Flyers Canadian Olympic Jersey Wool Sweater - gold medal winning team

    10. 1948 RCAF Canadian Olympic jersey (gold medal winning team).

    1948 RCAF Flyers Wool Sweater
    Based out of Ottawa, the RCAF Flyers were a senior amateur ice hockey squad.  Worn by all-time great Frank Boucher when he helped Canada win the Olympic gold medal in 1948, this very rare style sweater has been preserved in good condition despite a few holes.