Special Events


The Original Hockey Hall of Fame has three winter traditions that occur each February - that we are very proud to be associated with.

The Historic Hockey Series was created in 1969 to celebrate Kingston's first game that took place in 1886 between Queen's and R.M.C. The round robin series games are played between three teams from Queen's, R.M.C. and 2nd Regiment RCHA Petawawa using the rules from the 1886 contest to re-create the game from its earliest days. In 2024, the games were played on Saturday February 10th and for only the third time in 54 years - the games were held indoors. See details in the link below.

The Carr-Harris game was created in 1986 by a small group of Hall of Fame pioneers, including Bill Fitsell.  The game is played between the University Men's teams of Queen's and R.M.C. at the Leon's Centre.  The Original Hockey Hall of Fame hands out MVP awards to the top player in the game from each team.  In 2023, the Bill Fitsell Memorial Award was established for the Carr-Harris game and will be presented each year to one graduating player from both teams as chosen by each Head Coach. In 2024, the Carr-Harris game was played on Thursday, February 8th at 7:30 at the Leon's Centre and the Fitsell awards were presented for the second year.  See details in the link below about the game and the award winners.

The inaugural Red Barons Award was established in 2023 as well.  This award will be presented each year to one graduating player from the Queen's Women's team as chosen by the Head Coach.  The same criteria for the selected winner is used for both the Red Barons and Fitsell awards with several factors being weighed including both on ice and off ice dedication, leadership, sportsmanship and academics. The Red Barons award is presented at one of the final regular season home games in the Queen's women's team schedule.  In 2024, the Red Barons award was presented for the second time on Sunday, February 11th.  See details below about this years award recipient.   .  


Here are the recaps from two events in 2024.

The Historic Hockey Series, was played on Saturday February 10, 2024 with the military personnel of RCHA winning the title for the second consecutive year..  Click on the link for details..

The Carr-Harris Challenge Cup 2024, between Queen's University and the Royal Military College was another game before a huge crowd..  Click on the link for details.